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About me

I am a motion designer and a futurist.

As a multidisciplinary designer, I take an all-inclusive & comprehensive approach, covering the entire pipeline from initial concepting to final production. Based in Atlanta, GA. 


Starting from the brief, we identify what is what we are trying to solve with the work. We conceptualize the look and feel by using design thinking, mind-mapping, mood boards, and sketches. Then we break down the project into actionable points, making sure we follow the design process.


Exploring visual solutions, we use styleframes to create reference shots. If there is a story board or other resources we make sure are approved by the art director/client before starting the work.


Creating, modeling, texturing, lighting, compositing, editing... all the fun work.


Finalizing each shot with micro-details and final touches until the final render is complete.

Design Process

motion design

Compositing, editing, animation

virtual photography

Virtual product photogaphy

3d illustration

Visualization of creative concepts

logo animation

2D / 3D logo animations

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